Applying for a refund? 


  1. For administrative errors on your part or a change of mind, no refund applies.

  2. In a situation where you experience an unexpected illness or injury, a medical certificate is REQUIRED. The medical certificate will need to be sent through to with a brief explanation. We will review your email. Your refund isn’t guaranteed. 

  3. A family bereavement.


We will not refund your entry for any other reason so please don't phone us or email us. In most cases we can hold your entry fee to the following year or transfer your entry into another event which will require you to pay the difference (if it costs more). If it costs less, we refund the difference. All transfers come with a $5 admin fee.


Please email

Why can’t I get all my money back?


About 60-70% of costs are incurred (and spent!) well before race week begins. There are staff costs (wages), purchasing capital items (like a start gantry), marketing, accommodation, clothing, medals, timing.... the list goes on.


The big 'hidden' (because you will never see them) costs are associated with health and safety compliance, operational planning, people planning, landowner access etc. This can (and do) add up to hundreds of hours of work.


  • 75% refund – up until 24 February 2022

  • 50% refund – From 25 February up until 20 May 2022

  • 25% refund – From 21 May up until 14 August 2022

  • From 15 August 2022 – No Refunds 


We are runners/walkers just like yourself who also enter events and understand from a participant point of view the frustrations of asking for a refund, therefore, we have done a bit of research and we believe we offer one of the fairest refund policies around.




  • Sport Northland reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time. Reasons for cancellation may include, but are not limited to, Sport Northland deciding in its sole discretion cancellation is required due to any sort of dangerous conditions, outbreak of Covid-19 or other communicable disease, natural disaster, acts of war, terrorism and/or similar major event beyond our control. 

  • In the event of it cannot be run on the original date, Sport Northland will endeavour to reschedule the event to a new date. If the event cannot be rescheduled, or cannot be held on the postponement date, all entrants will be given the below options….


  • Option 1 - A transfer of your entry to the following years Event + we will endeavour to hold a virtual event.


  • Option 2 - 100% credit to any other Sport Northland Event in the next 12 months.


  • Option 3 – A partial Refund which will be determined based on the stage of planning we are in at the time of cancelling.