Pace Runners

NorthCloud Whangarei Run/Walk Festival

Sometimes we all just need help and that's ok. We have an awesome bunch of people who have offered their services to enable you to make it to the finish line. Our paces will keep a constant steady pace throughout the event all the while encouraging you. 

Our pacers will have helium balloons attached to them that will hover roughly half a meter of their head. On the balloon marked in vivid will be the expected time eg. 1.30hr, 2.00hr etc. These guys/gals are here to help you so don't be shy go on and introduce yourselves and get ready!

See below your NorthCloud Whangarei Half Marathon Pace Runners. 

The application form is for runners volunteering to “lead” a pace group. Each confirmed Pace Runner will receive a free entry into the event, an official pace runners T-Shirt.


Meet Your Pace Runners

Esther McDonell


1hr 40min

I'm Esther and Im currently studying sport and recreation at Northtec. I enjoy running so much I consider it fun and if it's outdoors in nature it's pure Bliss. I feel so privileged to live in the beautiful Northland region and be apart of the local community.

Chris Maffey



Chris is not the fastest or smartest runner, but he is definitely the most attractive and known for his modesty.

After a few false starts, Chris began running seriously by doing 1km per day every day for a month back in 2014.  Since then, by very gradual increments, 5kms have turned into sprints and half-marathons into regular Sundays.  Chris likes pace running to help others achieve their goals.

Chris has now had enough of talking about Chris in the fourth person. 

Geno Milnes


1hr 40min

Tena koe ko Geno ingoa, Buongiorno mi chiamo Geno, Hello my name is Geno.

I like to run and afterwards eat pizza and chips.

I am currently training for Auckland marathon and it is awesome to support others with achieving their half marathon goals in Whangarei. 

This course and event is somewhat complusory for Whangarei runners to complete, so looking forward to seeing you all on race day

Mathilde Schwarz



Mathilde. 29y


Horse rider

Trying new sporty challenge every year ( ironman, trail run, boxing fight, marathon.. etc) 

Nicki Chen

Nicki chen.jpg

1hr 50min

A passionate runner who has crossed hundreds of finishing lines and continue to get more people into the fun of running. Running has taught me about life, everything is broken down to one step at a time. There would be a great chance to finish if we put our stride one step at a time!

Sophie Adamson


2hr 10min

I love running for all sorts of reasons and enjoy pretty much any distance thrown at me! I also love to see others enjoying it just as much as me - making the most of beautiful Northland. I'm a Nurse, a wife, a mum of two and never considered myself 'a runner' until we moved to NZ 15 years ago and I decided I wanted to do a half marathon. The Whangarei half was the first one I ever did (with no training at all!!) 3 months after arriving. I've done a few since then as well as triathlons and crossfit. Can't wait to see you all out there!